Why Sitting Down is Slowly Killing You (And How To Prevent It For $28)


A good portion of the people today whom are independent or a part of the workforce are used to sitting down for long periods of time during work. But did you know that there are some negative effects from doing so? Apart from the infographic above, here are more reasons why sitting down for long periods is bad for you:

  • You’re 54% more likely to have a heart attack
  • Increased chances for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and blood clots
  • If you sit for than 6 hours a day, you will have a 20% mortality rate if you’re a man and 40% if you’re a woman
  • If you sit for more than 23 hours a week, your likelihood of dying from heart disease goes up to 64%

After some quick research, the solution I found was to get a standing desk. However, I was disappointed when the cheapest desk for my size that I could find was $700 on Google Shopping! Being a young entrepreneur myself who is still hustling, I always have to look for any means to save some money.

I then came across this great video of a cost effective way to build one of these awesome desks yourself for a mere $28 dollars from a few furniture pieces you can get at IKEA.

What you need:

So there you have it, a standup desk you can build for less than a fraction of the price you’d pay if you were to go elsewhere. If you guys find any better way to get a standing desk, please comment below.

Source:, Forbes, Lifehacker

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