How This Woman’s Giant Breasts Earn Up to $1,300 a Day Smothering Men


Kristy Love, 36, uses her breasts to make a living, earning up to $1,300 a day.

The Atlanta-based Love, most famous for appearing on TLC’s “Strange Love,” has massive 48NN boobs that weigh 15.8 pounds each. They’re real, not implants, and they’re about the size of a 2-year-old toddler.

Love, a self-titled proud BBW (big beautiful woman), isn’t shy when she uses them to her advantage, Elite Daily reports.


As an “adult” massage therapist, she uses her ginormous knockers to “squish” and “smother” clients as part of her “relaxation” routine. She “body glides” them, which is when Love covers her boobs in oil and rubs them on the client’s body. She’s even had clients ask to be hit over the head with them. Love’s breasts can make up to $1,300 a day.

Now Love is looking for love. She publicly announced her search for romance on TLC’s “Strange Love”:

“I’m looking for true love … Someone who I love, and who loves me. My boobies do not need to be alone; it’s time for them to find a man.”

She is looking for a man who will “redirect his focus” to her instead of her boobs. At the same time, she continues to wear low-cut blouses that reveal a lot of cleavage.

love 3

Having such sizeable breasts are both useful and a hazard. She uses them to make money and doesn’t need to carry a bag because she can sneak her phone, keys, driver’s license and perfume into her cleavage. But when she’s cooking, her breasts get in the way, causing them to fall in the pan, pot and even getting caught on the burner.


She even has to double-check her bosoms when she works as a masseur. She told The Mirror:

“I have to keep an eye out when I’m squashing someone. I look at their feet and their fingers to make sure there is still movement there and they’re still breathing.”

Love, who was already a B-cup at 8 years old, didn’t always love her breasts. She grew in a strict family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and spent most of her life wearing two bras to make her breasts appear smaller. She claims she was ashamed of “these girls” before she grew, so to speak, to accept them, and eventually made a career out of the very feature she used to loathe most about herself.


She’d never get a breast reduction, though, as her sister did. Apparently the large bosom gene runs in her family and her sister went from a 52NN bra to a smaller H cup.

Let’s hope Love finds the love of her life, and maybe that man won’t be dating her for her now-famous knockers.

Images via The Mirror

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