Heathrow Airport Under Fire For Allegedly Discriminating Against Chinese Travelers

London’s Heathrow Airport is being accused of discriminating against Chinese customers in a recent Twitter thread that has sent netizens into a fury.

The initial tweet accused Heathrow Airport of giving travelers a coupon after spending £79 ($109) — that is, unless the customer was “Chinese”, in which case £1,000 ($1,383) was needed to receive the voucher. The post was retweeted by angry netizens, furious at the unjust situation.

Angry netizens started leaving poor reviews for the airport on their social media accounts, rating them poorly for the discriminatory rules.

Soon, the word spread from Western social media platforms to Chinese sites, where the news caught like wildfire.

The chief editor of HereInUK reached out to the original customer to ascertain what had occurred, then sent a formal inquiry to Heathrow Airport to ask for their side of the story. “Because she’s Chinese, she needs to spend £1000 to get the voucher,” the letter reported the airport employee as saying.

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Heathrow Airport initially responded to the incident in a generic, public relations-type manner…

…but ultimately promised to have rectified the situation.

CGTN reported that the voucher is now offered to all customers regardless of race, but that the organization refused to comment further on the matter.

Heathrow Airport

As China’s economy flourishes, countries are now doing their best to appeal to customers in hopes of acquiring some of their hard-earned cash. It’s therefore absurd that such discriminatory practices would occur at a time when the Yuan is highly sought after.

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