This Fighter’s Reason For Throwing a Match He Was Dominating is a Lesson For All Young Entrepreneurs

In a recent amateur MMA fight hosted by the Prison City Fight League (don’t ask, we have no clue either), Fighter Mike Pantangco was clearly dominating his opponent. Suddenly he decided to tap out to deliberately lose the fight. His opponent was equally stunned as you can see in the video.

When asked his reasons for doing it, Pantangco pretty much said he knew he overmatched his opponent and there was really no point in continuing on the match, especially since neither of them were getting paid. He explained that it was either that or win the fight and potential hurt him or send him to the hospital.

What’s the lesson here? Many young entrepreneurs that I’ve come across seem to consistently let their egos get to them, and in doing so, they fight battles that accomplish nothing and they just waste time. In the end, the only thing that matters is doing something what will either help you or your product grow, the rest is all fluff.

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