Harvard Study Reveals The Real Damaging Effects of Marijuana Use, and It’s Not Good For Entrepreneurs.



If there is one trait every entrepreneur needs to build a company from the ground up, it’s motivation. Without that drive, nothing can be accomplished, and that’s why entrepreneurs most of all may want to think twice the next time they want to spark that green.

A new study from Harvard and Northwestern and published in the Journal of Neuroscience studied the brains of people ages 18 to 25, half of whom smoked pot recreationally and half of whom didn’t. Even for those who smoked only a few times a week, researchers found significant brain abnormalities in the areas that control emotion and motivation.

Anne Blood, co-author of the study, explained:

“There is this general perspective out there that using marijuana recreationally is not a problem — that it is a safe drug… We are seeing that this is not the case.”

Using neuroimaging, researchers looked at the amygdala and nucleus accumbens, areas that control pleasure from activities like eating food and having sex as well as gauging benefit or loss in doing certain things.

Hans Breiter, another co-author of the study, points out:

“This is a part of the brain that you absolutely never ever want to touch… I don’t want to say that these are magical parts of the brain — they are all important. But these are fundamental in terms of what people find pleasurable in the world and assessing that against the bad things.”

In other words, this is the science behind the slug-like laziness and give-no-sh*ts attitude many experience on marijuana. The key takeaway from this?

“People think a little marijuana shouldn’t cause a problem if someone is doing OK with work or school… Our data directly says this is not so.”

However, there is good news in all of this. If you can’t quit the habit, you can always increase your productivity and motivation by not having orgasms.

Source: Mic

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