Game Changing New App Popcorn Time Streams the Best Pirated Content


Enjoy it while it lasts because the internet movie game just changed. Popcorn Time features the newest high-def releases for movies, it’s free, there are no ads, and it’s illegal. It’s so awesome that you know Hollywood lawyers are having panic attacks in L.A. right now.

Popcorn Time is a downloadable app that is so impressive because it’s the first program to stream torrents with only two clicks on your computer. You can find the same kind of movie torrents you find on sites like The Pirate Bay and use programs like BitTorrent to download then play using a program like VLC- all at the same time in the background. It’s simply the best product out there. It would take Netflix months to acquire the rights to play movies like Dallas Buyer’s Club, Frozen, Captain Phillips or Gravity, but you can be watching them within five minutes of reading this post; they also have all of the great classics available.

The program is currently in beta and available for Linux, OS X 10.7, and Windows 7. TechCrunch reported earlier that the hosting service for Popcorn Tie pulled the install file earlier today, but it seems they found a new host since then; it was also reported that, “The developers, who are spread out around the world, do not expect any legal issues, citing the fact that they do not host any of the copyrighted material and don’t make any money from the program.”

This internet experiment is too good to miss so we’ll have to see how everything plays out. Have you used Popcorn Time yet? Tell us about it!

Source: TechCrunch

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