Flight Attendant Reveals 6 Common Habits of Those Who Fly First Class


One thing most of us peasant folk have noticed about first class passengers is that they sort of treat us coach flyers the way a lot of people treat the homeless — “If I don’t look at them, they won’t ask me for money.”

Well, a Japanese flight attendant, Akiko Mitsuki, has used her time working the first class cabin to really study the wealthiest passengers, and she catalogued the six commonalities she found in President Online, a website catering to Japanese businesspeople.

According to Rocket News 24, who translated and reported on the article, the six observations summarily were:

1. Their shoes are always sparklingly clean.

2. They never hang their jackets over the backs of their seats.

3. Their white button shirts always look super clean.

4. They have good posture.

5. They usually carry simple folding wallets.

6. They rarely (or never) wear anything with visible name brands.

In addition to those six main observations, Mitsuki also found that:

Wallets of VIP passengers are usually simply designed and slim

Business class passengers are more concerned with looking important and successful than those in first class

Overall, the differences are interesting and seem to show that the richest people are often the least ostentatious.

Feature image via Justin Ross Lee

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