Experimental Coffee Shop Has No Employees and Runs on “Honest People”

It turns out there really are good, honest people out there. An old bank converted to a self-serve coffee shop in North Dakota called The Vault trusts people enough to pay for themselves. There are no employees- only a credit card machine and a slot to put cash in. Everything else is run by honest people.

Owners Kimberly and David Brekke pay no wages and work very little, stopping by on occasion to make sure the coffee shop is stocked with tea, baked goods, and of course, coffee.

So how is this little experiment going? The Vault has yet to break even from its initial operating costs, but so far they are making 15% more than what it costs to stock the place because in some cases people are paying more than they need to- in the absence of cynicism, generosity reigns. This must be the nicest town in America.

Do you think this would work where you live?

Source: SayAnythingBlog

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