Everyone Needs to Adopt This Simple Gesture That’s Popular in Japan When Driving


When you’re driving in big cities, traffic can be deadly. The constant waiting, combined with everyone being in a hurry is a breeding ground for road rage. However, I believe road rage mostly begins due to misunderstandings. It’s hard to communicate on the road beyond letting people know your stopping or turning. What about the times when you want to say “I’m sorry” or “thank you”? Drivers in Japan have a great way to show this, and it’s so easy that it’s just a push of a button. Check out the video below:

That’s it! So, the next time when you want to apologize or show gratitude on the road, give a few blinks of your hazard lights. You’ll spread positive energy, thereby making the roads a better place to drive on.

H/T: RocketNews24

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