Dr. Eugene Gu Responds to S‌ex‌u‌al As‌‌s‌a‌ult Accusation on Twitter

Dr. Eugene Gu, the controversial surgeon who has made headlines in recent months for taking a knee and suing Donald Trump, took to Twitter to respond to sexual a‌ssa‌ul‌t allegations made by an alleged former flame.

A medical student who goes by her Twitter username @DoctorMeowskis, posted a Twitter thread on Wednesday detailing her relationship with Gu and a supposed fake Twitter account that he used to “torment” her.

@DoctorMeowskis’ posts detailed how they met and how their relationship developed. 

She then narrated how Gu also contacted her using a fake Twitter account under the guise of a female surgeon named “Mary Laury”. 

She said their conversations mostly delved on Laury showing her obsession with Gu and her asking questions about @DoctorMeowski’s own relationship with him. The conversations reportedly made @DoctorMeowskis feel “uneasy.”

@DoctorMeowskis then shared that Gu invited her over to shadow him at work, but resulted in her spending a few days in his apartment alone.

They finally had the chance to go out on a date on Valentine’s Day but @DoctorMeowskis stated that the day ended with Gu forcing himself on her.

The following morning, Gu reportedly acted as if nothing happened the previous night. And then, when she returned home, @DoctorMeowskis received messages from Laury about her sex life with Gu.

According to @DoctorMeowski, when she found out that the “girl” who was sending her DMs was actually Gu, she felt compelled to expose the truth “so no one else has to go through what I did.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread, the controversial surgeon responded to the allegations by telling his “full side of the story.”

In his post, Gu gave a significantly different version of the story, indicating that it was the woman who made unwanted se‌xu‌a‌l advances towards him. He noted that he slept at the hospital while she was in town just to avoid being in bed with her.

He then admitted to using the Mary Laury account to message the woman and said that “In hindsight, this was immature of me and I regret the way I used it.”

Gu then posted screenshots of a text message thread with a contact labeled “Laurazapam” (a name of a sedative drug) as proof that she would continue to “proposition me for sex in very uncomfortable ways that were just awkward and unwanted.”

He also shared that the last message he received from her was right after Donald Trump Jr. accused him of d‌ome‌st‌ic vio‌le‌n‌ce. The message contained only “???!?!?”


In response to Gu’s tweets, @DoctorMeowski wrote that “Attacking someone’s looks is the first thing a guilty party does.” 

A few hours later, Gu posted another tweet stating that he is going to take a break from Twitter:

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