Disaster Coach Pushes College Girl to Her D‌eat‌h in ‘Safety Drill’

This is the horrific moment when a 19-year-old college girl in India named Lokeshwari is pushed to her d‌ea‌t‌h by a trainer from the ledge of a building during a disaster preparedness drill.

On July 12, the Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore, state of Tamil Nadu, held a “disaster management and first aid” training.

Footage of the drill shows the student sitting on the ledge of a building as the program trainer stood beside her and coached her.

Student Lokeshwari, 19, hesitates to jump during a disaster preparedness drill.

But only a few seconds into the clip, the student — who appeared to be unprepared — was pushed by the trainer.

The trainer pushes Lokeshwari.

Lokeshwari hit her head on the ledge above the first floor before falling onto a safety net held by other students.

Lokeshwari falls from the ledge.

Twenty students volunteered for the training, which aimed to help them escape the building in the event of a disaster.

A student told the Times of India:

“The girl said she was interested in jumping from the second floor, but later backed out. So, she was sent back by the trainer. Later, she gained confidence and told the trainer that she wanted to jump.

“However, when she got on to the sunshade, she was overcome by fear and was reluctant to jump. But the trainer kept prompting her and finally he gave her a push.

“Unfortunately she hit the sunshade of first floor and suffered severe injuries on neck and head.”

Another camera captures Lokeshwari’s tragic fall.

Lokeshwari, who sustained injuries on the head and neck from the push, was reportedly rushed to a hospital but it was too late.

Students prepare to catch Lokeshwari.

The trainer, identified as R. Arumugam, claimed to hold a certificate from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), according to Outlook India.

However, the agency clarified that it was not associated with the drill and did not authorize Arumugam to conduct it.

Lokeshwari’s father filed a complaint against the trainer, who has since been ar‌re‌ste‌d and is now facing charges for causing d‌ea‌th by negligence.

Twitter users demanded justice and expressed condolences to Lokeshwari’s family:

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