Crooked Cop Arrested as Gang Member After Driving $250,000 Ferrari to Work

ferrari crooked cop

It never pays to be flashy — at least that’s what jailed police officer Osman Iqbal learned when he was arrested on a slew of gang-related charges after an investigation was sparked when he showed up to work in a $250,000 Ferrari 458 Italia, according to the BBC.

The 37-year-old Birmingham officer was jailed in September after admitting to three instances of misconduct — details around the case have just recently emerged. His fellow cops became suspicious when the officer pulled up in the flashy car and West Midland’s police counter-corruption unit began an investigation into Iqbal’s finances.

They discovered that Iqbal had two bank accounts for two businesses that didn’t actually exist, both of which laundered “hundreds of thousands of pounds” from brothels in the Covent Garden and Marylebone areas of London. He also attempted to access police intelligence systems on the request of a local religious leader, Nahiem Ajmal and Sajad Khan.

Details on his role in gang activities were reported by Jalopnik:

“News reports say Iqbal and his cousin, convicted armed robber Talib Hussain, would pick clients up from strip clubs, take them to their brothels, sell them drugs, and run up charges on their bank cards.”

Other members of Iqbal’s family were involved in the gang, all of whom are now in custody. Chief Inspector Martin Brennan released a typical “crime doesn’t pay” statement:

“Their greed was their downfall and when they were seen driving around in their supercars it didn’t take us long to piece together exactly what they were up to and take action … Occasionally there are people who disgracefully betray the public and even their own colleagues by exploiting their status for their own gain.”

This is what happens when you have no discipline. A note to the wise: it’s just straight up dumb to be flashy when your money comes from some shady places.

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