‘Chubby’ Chow Chow Doggo in the Philippines Will Make Your Ruff Day Better

Looking for your daily fix of fluff? Look no further. Meet Chewy the Chow from the Philippines – or as his parents call him, Tabachewy.

Tabachewy Instagram

via Instagram / tabachewy

Isn’t he precious???

via Instagram / tabachewy

Tabachewy is a play on words for the Tagalog term Tabachoy – or Tabatsoy –, which is often used to playfully and affectionately tease someone for having a bit of extra weight. Most Filipinos don’t find this insulting, since this is mostly used for little babies/kids or pets that are chubby and cute.

But is Chewy fat? Of course not! He’s fluffy, soft, and oh so cuddly!

via Instagram / tabachewy

Here’s Chewy getting his Burger King on

via Instagram / tabachewy

They see me rollin’, they all go “D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!”

“Enough being cute; I have to go check the stock barket,” — Tabachewy, probably.

via Instagram / tabachewy

Chewy takes the wheel when Han is not around.

via Instagram / tabachewy

Chewy and the gang dropping a new album with a sick diss track this Pawtumn 2017.

via Instagram / tabachewy

Omigoodness! He knows he’s cute!

via Instagram / tabachewy

You’ve got to check out more of Chewy on Facebook and Instagram

Feature Image via Instagram / (Left): tabachewy / (Right): tabachewy

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