Chinese Wife Humiliates Husband in Public After He Overpays for Baby Food

If there’s anything I learned early in life, it’s “Don’t f*ck around with a Chinese woman’s money.” Thanks, mom!

A video out of Everywhere, China shows an angry wife berating her husband in public for purchasing baby food that was six times its regular cost. The humiliation and shame of having a eunuch for a husband just became too much for the poor woman and so she loses it, unleashing a torrent of verbal and physical degradation on her sexless pet for everyone to see (and record).

Man, that’s what happens when you’re a Chinese husband who tries to do the right thing by going out and buying baby food. Considering he was going to be neutered anyway, he might as well have just cheated with a woman who doesn’t resemble a banshee.

h/t: RocketNews

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