Chinese Official Allegedly Blackmailed With Scandalous Party Photos By Co-Worker


If you thought the office politics at your workplace were bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

A housing official from Fuzhou, China, clearly a city that breeds f*ckery, had his wild night out kissing and groping various women exposed in a BBS thread yesterday. Twenty-six grainy images of a man reveling in debauchery at what appears to be a karaoke club were uploaded to the thread, titled “Enviable night life of Mr. Lin, deputy head of the housing administration bureau of Jin’an district, Fuzhou City.”


That “Mr. Lin” apparently refers to Lin Zonghui, the deputy director of the Jin’an housing administration bureau. The man’s identity was confirmed by the bureau’s disciplinary secretary Zhang Zhongming to Sina.

Here’s the catch: Lin claims that the entire ordeal is the result of “office politics,” and that the culprit behind the leak is none other than … Zhang (gasp):

“This is all schemed and plotted by our secretary (of the party committee).”


According to Lin, the incident happened last year when two men invited him to dinner. Intoxicated after the dinner, he says he was taken to a local nightclub where the photos were eventually taken.

Lin told Sina:

“I was so drunk, totally unconscious. I don’t remember anything about what was going on.”

After awaking from his state of unconsciousness, Lin found the entire party had packed up and left, leaving him alone to pay the 10,000 yuan ($1,587) bill himself.

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Since then, Lin says he’s been threatened with the photos:

“Even the secretary of party committee blackmailed me.”

“I’ll call the police now, hoping they would undergo a fair investigation about this.”

According to Sina, a sign hanging outside Zhang’s office informed visitors that he was currently out of office visiting “rural areas.”

… Sure, if by “visiting rural areas” he meant “visiting Bill Cosby’s house for more blackout drugs.”



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[h/t: Shanghaiist]

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