China is Worried That Spoiled Man-Boy Son of Tycoon is Too Obsessed With Money, Guns and Boobies

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Wang Sicong, the 26-year-old, ultra-rich, man-boy son of China’s third richest man and real estate tycoon, Wang Jianlin, has proven a little too rotten for Chinese taste after comments he made to reporters on Valentine’s Day upset state media.

It all started with a Valentine’s Day charity auction. Wang, who serves as a board member on his father’s Wanda Group and is also the chairman of investment firm Prometheus Capital, helped raise 500,000 yuan ($80,000) for a date to watch a movie with him at one of his family’s theatre chains.

When asked by reporters at the event what he looked for in a girlfriend, Wang allegedly told them she had to be “buxom,” according to Business Insider.

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The next morning, state-run media agency Xinhua released a commentary on their Weibo account accusing Wang of setting a terrible example and of “breaching the bottom line of morals.”

“There are certain celebrities that recklessly disseminate vulgar information … from the worship of money to sex and violence.”

Xinhua ranted that said celebrities should start taking responsibility for promoting poor values in the mainstream media, the result of them running their mouths just to express their “extroverted personalities.” Xinhua didn’t name Wang specifically, but referenced the “son of a tycoon” and his comments about buxom women on Valentine’s Day.

Wang Sicong

Wang, who is known for his can’t-touch-me attitude, reposted the article to his social media the same day, adding, “I haven’t said anything about the commentary … I’m just reposting it.” Wang also posted earlier in the day that he was speechless that so many people took his playful comments seriously.

Wang is also an avid gamer and is the founder of Invictus Gaming. He became internet-infamous for picking fights online with other rich Chinese kids, known as fuerdai, with rants on how they have no class or taste.

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He also likes to pick on people for “impersonating a fuerdai,” and considers himself a gaofushuai, which means “tall, rich and handsome” in Chinese. According to WantChinaTimes, Wang also “regularly points out the differences between himself and the ‘diaosi,’ a self-mocking term referring to young men of humble background, low income and homely appearance.”

Wang is also known for his rich-kid attitude:

“When I make friends I don’t care if they have money or not, no one’s going to have more money than me anyway.”

As for his father, his biggest regret in life, according to his friends, has been that he never had more children.

“My wife didn’t want to have more when we were young, and now it’s too late.”

Too late indeed.


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