Check Out What They Found In a Captured Drug Lord’s Villa


The drug trade is a huge problem all around the world, but we don’t often see more than what movies like “Scarface” and “Blow” show us of the lives of the most illegal kind of entrepreneurs out there. These pictures are the real deal. Mexican authorities seized the home of a Mexican drug lord and what they found inside is actually more astonishing than the movies. Imagine having all this in your home:

It starts out with what looks like a custom-built home and pool hidden in some remote location in Mexico filled with exotic, stolen, and illegal art.


This drug lord had a gun museum in his house, one that could rival any other gun collection in the world. Instagram King Dan Bilzerian would be jealous.

gun museum

Of course, no drug lord’s home would be complete without drugs and cash.drugs

This guy even had a private zoo in his house. Reportedly, he kept panthers, eight lions, and a rare white tiger, all of which were cared for in luxury by caretakers.lionswhite tiger

This guy didn’t just have guns, he had an arsenal of custom weapons hidden all throughout his house.moreguns

And by custom, we mean solid gold, though these are only just to have as display pieces.goldguns

Authorities found cash, mostly U.S $100 bills, stacked and hidden in cabinets all throughout the house.

money cabinets

Mexican authorities confiscated all the cash and counted it. We are willing to bet this is the most amount of money you’ve ever seen in one stack.

arsenal money

Reportedly, the amount of straight cash totaled up to be just over $22 billion dollars, mostly all U.S. dollars, but also Mexican and Colombian pesos, Euros, British pounds, and Chinese yuan. The total, were it legal, would land this guy just under Google’s Sergey Brin on Forbes Top Billionaires

Check out the rest of the photos they captured here.

Source: Imgur

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