Chanel is Releasing Their Own Headphones and Will Price it at $8644

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It looks like Beats by Dr Dre. will have some tough competition in the market from a super premium fashion brand, and it might even get personal.

The fashion house Chanel is now making their own brand of headphones for the exorbitant price of 907,200 Yen, or about $8644, including tax.

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The pricey headphones debuted earlier this spring at a Chanel fashion show in March, but Japanese fashion blog Fashionsnap has recently announced they will be going on the market in the middle of this month.

The designer cans are the product of a collaboration between Chanel and the audio company Monster.

If you remember, Dr. Dre used to be partnered with Monster before some beef between the two caused them to split in early 2012. Afterwards, rapper/producer Swizz Beatz purchased a co-ownership stake at Monster last year and has been there since.

 Above, Swizz Beatz (left) and Chanel’s head designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The headphones feature the iconic Chanel logo on the sides, quilt-patterned black leather on the head-piece, and comes with a matching quilted leather carrying case. Along with reported high-performance functions, the headphones also include digital noise cancellation.

Hopefully, Chanel and Monster had the mind to put in more money for quality manufacturing than Beat’s reported $14 production cost.

Who would buy these? Who actually can buy these?

You can check out the headphone’s debut during Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014/15 fashion show below.

Source: RocketNews24, HypeBeast

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