Thai Watermelon Farmers Hire Grumpy Cat as Supervisor


A grumpy-looking cat from Thailand has gone viral for being an adorable watermelon supervisor at a farm.


The viral cat, known as Pearl, can be seen lounging in a small red plastic chair among a truck bed of watermelons as the scenery rolls past.

Ever the protector, he gives a signature intense look while placing his paw on a watermelon in a trunkful of the fruit.

More photos from Facebook show a permanent grumpy face on the watermelon sentry.

It’s hard to tell whether he is enjoying the drink below or regretting his choice.

The sweltering heat might be the cause of this facial reaction.

Although he looks like he could rip your face off when you get too close, Pearl is actually a sweet cat, Bored Panda noted.

It seems as if he is good with children as well.

Plus, he is pretty chill.


Even in the presence of a dinosaur, Pearl is able to keep calm.




Images via @kimok.kipp

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