Brutal, Viral LinkedIn Rejection Letter Targets Gen-Y Job Seekers


If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, especially if you are a business professional in the age of social media. The latest internet blight came in the form of a nasty LinkedIn rejection email from Kelly Blazek who runs a popular job bank for marketing professionals in Cleveland, Ohio. Last week, 26-year-old Diana Mekota was looking to move to Cleveland next summer so she contacted Blazek with her credentials in hopes of applying to become part of Blazek’s 7,300 member jobs list; Diana posted her experience on Imgur. The brutal letter she got in response would annoy any Gen-Y job seeker out there. Here’s how it started with Diana’s first email:


Fair enough right? Kelly Blazek responded promptly with this scathing email:


Wow. Grumpiest. Businesswoman. Ever. So Diana responded with grace and took Ms. Blazek down a few notches:


The best part about all this is that Blazek was named 2013’s “Communicator of the Year in Cleveland. Truly, a well deserved award.  Blazek did apologize for her completely rude letter, though any damage to her professional reputation in the eyes of young people is already done. The reality is that most Gen-Y job seekers are putting themselves out there like this just looking for someone, anyone, to give them a chance. Hopefully you’ll never have to experience someone this mean, but if you do, killing them with kindness sure seems to do the trick. The viral embarrassment all over the web is just a bonus.

Source: CNN

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