Billie Eilish Slammed for Allegedly Saying ‘Ch*nk,’ Mocking Black and Asian Accents

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has come under fire for allegedly saying “ch*nk” and using a mock Asian accent in a series of clips posted on TikTok this week.

The allegation: TikTok user @lcxvy compiled the undated clips and captioned the allegedly problematic parts on Monday.

  • In one of them, Eilish can be heard seemingly saying the word “ch*nk.”
  • Another shows the 19-year-old singer speaking unintelligibly and in what sounded like a mock Asian accent.
  • User @lcxvy also included a clip in which Eilish’s brother, Finneas, allegedly calls her out for “talking with a blaccent.”
@lcxvyReply to @.lisqvz #billieeilish #billieeilishcancelled lol♬ original sound – lena :]

What people are saying: As of this writing, the TikTok video — which was also reposted on Twitter — has garnered nearly one million views and drawn mixed reactions from users.

  • Some accused Eilish of being racist and demanded an apology.
  • Others came to the singer’s defense, claiming she was only 14 in the clips compiled and wondered if it was a tic from her Tourettes syndrome.
  • Meanwhile, others pointed out that the clips lacked context and urged Eilish to address the accusations.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

The bigger picture: The allegation is one of several jabs faced by Eilish on social media at present.

NextShark has reached out to High Rise PR and Paradigm Talent Agency for further comment.

Featured Image via @lcxvy

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