Shocking Before and After Photos Reveal Just How Bad Beijing’s Smog Is

It must have been a terrible week for residents of Beijing as the city’s skies have again become darkened with pollutants.

Indeed, the air pollution in the city and other neighboring areas increased earlier this week prompting Beijing to issue another yellow alert. The elderly and young residents were once again advised to stay indoors as the air quality deteriorates with alarming increases in PM2.5 levels.

Tourists who are visiting Beijing may also want to heed the warning as tourist spots have once again become invisible due to the smoggy air, Shanghaiist reported.

To provide a glimpse into the stark difference of how the city’s most famous tourist spots looked like before and after the thick cloud of pollutants arrived on Wednesday and Thursday, comparison photos have emerged online.  

More than five million motor vehicles in the city, plus extensive coal burning in nearby regions, have been cited as the primary sources of pollutants in Beijing. While the Chinese capital has suffered from serious air pollution for years, it has so far failed to effectively address the dilemma.

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