‘Beautiful’ Korean Fitness Instructor’s Photos Have the Internet Screaming Plastic Surgery

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When it comes to standards of beauty, it seems that the societies with the most impossible definitions are all Asian. It’s well known that plastic surgery in countries like South Korea, where one in five women have had a procedure done, is a pretty common thing. The young elite in other Asian countries are no strangers to cosmetic surgery either.

Plastic surgery is a pretty common phenomenon here in America too (especially in Los Angeles), but it’s … different. Nose jobs, boob jobs and lip injections are pretty normal for older women like Cher and even younger celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, but to change your whole appearance and become unrecognizable? That’s what makes some people think Asians don’t like looking Asian.

Some people are born into “unfortunate” circumstances. Sometimes plastic surgery is needed. Other times, it seems that women (and men too) can’t or won’t view themselves as beautiful without cosmetic surgery, so they surgically widen their eyes, give themselves double eyelids, make their nose pointier and maybe even have chin enhancements — all in the name of beauty, albeit beauty for “Western” or caucasian standards. Thus, our great debate.

Photos of a South Korean fitness instructor named Ye Jung Hwa are kicking off debates on Asian standards of beauty and plastic surgery.

Can the average Asian woman be considered (or even consider themselves) beautiful without cosmetic surgery? What does natural Asian beauty even look like anymore?

Here are her “before” pictures from when she was younger:

korean 1 korean 2 korean 3 korean 4 korean 5

And these are her more recent “after” pictures:

korean 6 korean 7 korean 8 korean 9 korean 10 korean 11 korean 12 korean 13 korean 14 korean 15

We may never really know the truth, but most comments on her pictures believe she got her looks with more than just a good diet and lots of exercise.

While some might consider plastic surgery normal, others — like this poor guy — don’t agree.

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