Banana Republic is Teaching Geeks How to Dress with “The Startup Guy” Line


It’s a pretty well known fact that most guys in the startup scene can’t dress to save their own lives. Mark Zuckerberg set the dress code with hoodies, jeans, and sneakers/sandals. Now a team of San Francisco designers for Banana Republic are adding some much needed style to the industry with their new line appropriately titled “The Startup Guy.”

San Francisco, the startup capital of the U.S., is known for its notorious rebellion from anything resembling high fashion with techies and geeks alike refusing to change the clothes they wore back in high school.  Even for the sake of hygiene, this is a good move by Banana Republic.

I’m not going to lie, it looks good and it’s something all young entrepreneurs and techies sorely need, but it does leave more questions to be asked. How does “the startup woman” dress? Will they make a “startup line” that people in actual startups can actually afford? And what’s up with the Asian model- are you trying to say something BR?

Check out more of the line at Banana Republic.


H/T: Elite Daily

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