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This New ‘Rage Yoga’ Class Let’s People Drink Beer and Scream to Find Inner Peace

Sometimes when you’re angry, you might feel like getting belligerently drunk and smashing glass bottles against a wall — or you could go to rage yoga.

One woman is bringing the dark side to yoga by allowing participants to swear, scream, listen to heavy metal and drink beer during their vinyasa class. Lindsay Istace, 24, is the founder of this style of yoga that she dubs “Rage Yoga.”

Asians Are Upset That Pokémon Go Still Isn’t Available in Asia Yet

Pokémon Go was recently released in 26 new countries this past Saturday, but it is still unavailable in Asian countries.

The wildly popular augmented reality game, which was originally released in Australia, New Zealand and the United States on July 6, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Over the weekend, Niantic Labs, the developer behind the game, added a handful of lucky countries to their list of countries.

This Animal Shelter is Now Using Pokémon Go to Help Lonely Dogs Get Walked

One animal shelter discovered that Pokémon Go isn’t just useful for getting outside to burning some calories.

The Muncie Animal Shelter in Indiana has come up with an ingenious way to use Pokémon Go. More people seem to be out and about these days catching Pokémon and the director at Muncie Animal Shelter believes they can kill two birds with one stone because of it.

Pokémon Go Just Pissed Off a Lot of Asians With One Announcement

Fans who are eager to get their hands on Pokémon Go may be disappointed to learn that the app will not be made available in regions outside the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and Germany for the time being.

Since its release nearly a week ago, Pokémon Go has been an overnight sensation that has everyone peeled to their mobile screens. Unfortunately for countries who are dying to play the game, representatives from Niantic Inc., the developers of Pokémon Go, have disappointing news.

Pokémon Go Was NOT an Overnight Success — It Actually Took 20 Years to Make

The seemingly overnight success of Pokémon Go actually took one man 20 years of “leveling up” to achieve.

John Hanke, who is today the founder and CEO of Niantic Inc., began his journey to make Pokémon Go a reality when he created and sold his first online game in 1996 before starting a mapping company that would change the way people navigate with GPS forever. From there, with the help of Google and Nintendo, he would create one of the biggest mobile game phenomenons of 2016.

Pokémon Go Was Basically Just an April Fool’s Joke at Google In 2014

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that has completely taken over your Facebook newsfeed, was actually just an April Fools’ joke at Google over two years ago.

Back in 2014, Google released a video titled “Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge.” The video, published on March 31 on YouTube, was essentially a hiring ad for Google introducing a fake system for catching Pokémon all over the world using augmented reality.

Japanese Fashion Startup for Women With Big Boobs Becomes a Crowdfunding Sensation

Women with large busts clearly have trouble finding clothes that fit them properly. A crowdfunded fashion brand called Heart Closet plans to create a line of clothing with women’s large breasts in mind, and their campaign has been a hit.

Since posting their startup idea on the Japanese crowdfunding site EnjiNE, Heart Closet has received positive responses from an overwhelming amount of supporters. Clearly, there is a need to be filled.

How a Vietnamese Refugee Founded a Multi-Million Dollar Sriracha Empire

After arriving in the United States, one Vietnamese refugee went on to create one of the most beloved hot chili sauces, easily recognizable by the white rooster imprinted on today’s famous red and green bottle.

David Tran, 71, began making his chili sauce called Pepper Sa-te in Vietnam in 1975. Back then, he bottled his chili in recycled baby food glass jars then sold and delivered his product by bicycle.

Kobe Bryant Reveals Why He’s Such a BAMF During a Conference in Shanghai

During an interview at a conference in Shanghai, Kobe Bryant imparted a few wise words of advice to his audience.

The Summit, which took place last week in China, celebrated the gathering of purportedly 400 Chinese entrepreneurs and innovators. In the talk, founder Elliott Bisnow asked Bryant how he deals with pressure. The five-time NBA basketball champion answered:

Why Alibaba Once Fired Two Employees for Having Insanely Good Sales

Jack Ma, founder of the giant Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba, once faced the tough decision of having to fire his top two salespeople who accounted for 60% of his company’s sales.

Today, the 51-year-old self-made billionaire has a net worth of $23.2 billion thanks to his e-commerce platform. He credits his success to maintaining integrity in his business practices and being transparent with his customers, even if it meant losing money at the time.

Taiwanese Pet Salon Will Turn Your Pet Into a Dinosaur, a Bear or Hello Kitty

Grooming your pets may not always be fun for you or your pet, but this Taiwanese salon is changing all of that. The artists at the Igogo salon in Tainan, Taiwan are able to transform cats and dogs into dinosaurs, lions and teddy bears. Oh my!

Owner of the salon, Ou Shih-jou, wanted to give customers a different experience from the traditional shaving of their furry animals. Groomers at the salon have become masters of their craft and can even shave cats into stegosauruses and Hello Kitty into dogs.