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Vietnamese Restaurant Receives $500 Tip to Fix Windows Ruined by Vandals

A Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento, Calif. received a large tip to help fix its windows from vandals on April 29.

[email protected]’s uncle’s Vietnamese restaurant Tay Giang in Sac is frequently vandalized. Windows repeatedly broken. ⠀ A few days ago— a customer recently left this $500 tip & note ❤️ (I REALLY needed this GOOD news story!)#AAPI #StopAsianHate

Amendment Defunding Colleges ‘Discriminating’ Against Asian American Students Voted Down


Senate Republicans used Thursday’s vote on legislation to combat anti-Asian hate to renew the fight over affirmative action programs by proposing an amendment to halt federal funding for colleges that factor race into the admissions process.

The proposed amendment which failed to pass in a 49-48 vote, would penalize universities for practices that discriminate against Asian Americans.

Suspect Accused of Punching Korean American Woman at Skate Park in Tustin Faces Hate Crime Charge


An 18-year-old woman was verbally attacked and physically assaulted by a male suspect last Sunday morning at her local skate park in Tustin, Calif.

Jenna Dupuy, who is of Korean and Puerto Rican descent, was at the Tustin Legacy Skatepark to teach a morning art class. She was approached by a man who made suggestive comments before eventually assaulting her.