Asian Women Go to Get Boba in NYC, Get Discrimination Instead

A woman and her friends were left shocked after being discriminated against in New York City.

The woman, who wished to remain unidentified for safety reasons, recorded the encounter while inside KOI Thé, a bubble tea place by Washington Square Park in the Lower West Side.


According to the woman, two men walked past the shop and noticed her group through the window. After getting their attention by knocking on the window, the two men started cursing and took videos of the group.

“After a few moments, two guys noticed us through the window and started to knock on the café’s window to get our attention. When we gave them a glance, they started to curse at us and took videos of us.”

They then allegedly ran away only to come back and do the same thing again:

“They ran away and then came back AGAIN doing the same thing. My friends and I felt victimized and scared.”

The man filming the incident reportedly said to the group through the window “mother f***ing parasite” as his companion laughs. They then proceeded to walk away laughing.

“This was an act of discrimination against the Asians. I had thought that living in New York City, the place of diversity and inclusion would not warrant for this behavior,” she told NextShark.

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