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Some People Are Upset There’s No Asian Male in Netflix’s New Film With Lana Condor

Jenny Han’s New York Times bestselling novel “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” has…

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China’s Largest Phone Company Gives Their CEO a $1.5 Billion Bonus

China's largest smartphone maker Xiaomi has reportedly given their CEO one of the largest executive…

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How a Chinese American Hustled Her Jewelry into the Olympics for Free, Increased Business By 1000%

Mirai Nagasu made history at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 when she became the first…

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Theme Park in China Offers Free Entry for Women Weighing Over 136 Pounds

The popular Tang dynasty theme park, Tang Paradise, in central China’s Shaanxi Province, Xi’an, attracted…

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Parent’s Discover Son’s Secret Anime Porn Stash After 5.3 Earthquake in Japan

While everyone was busy dealing with traffic and cleaning up after the strongest earthquake to…

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Japan Holds an Annual Contest on Who Can Angrily Flip a Tea Table the Farthest

A shopping mall in Japan’s Iwata Prefecture hosted the 12th World Chabudai-Gaeshi Tournament on June…

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Why Some Japanese Moms Eat Cup Ramen Even After Making Dinner for the Whole Family

A young Japanese mom recently shared a realization she had about her own mother on…

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Singaporean Model, DJ Faces 20 Years in P‌ris‌on Over C‌oca‌ine, Shr‌oo‌ms

An international DJ from Singapore is facing decades of j‌a‌il time for multiple dr‌u‌g-related charges.…

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Weeping Drunk Woman Gets Her Leg Stuck In a Squat Toilet in China, Has a Crappy Time

The Yulin Fire Department responded received a bizarre call on Tuesday asking to help a…

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Filipina Graduate Gets the Last Laugh After Professor Doubts Her Career Choice

A young Filipina’s college graduation post, in which she shares her passion for her course…