Alleged leak of Bella Poarch’s ‘Build A B*tch’ remix with BLACKPINK’s Rosé goes viral

  • An alleged leak of Bella Poarch’s “Build A B*tch” remix featuring BLACKPINK’s Rosé has gone viral.
  • The leak features verses purportedly written by Rosé and her vocals on the chorus, which remains the same.
  • Fans pieced together that Rosé met Poarch and “Build A B*tch” co-writer Salem Ilese last year in Los Angeles.
  • Rosé has a songwriting credit with fellow member Jisoo on the song “Yeah Yeah Yeah” from their anticipated album “Born Pink,” which is slated for release on Sep. 16.

BLACKPINK fans are clamoring for more from songwriter Rosé after an alleged audio leak of the K-pop singer featuring on a remix of Bella Poarch’s “Build A B*tch” went viral.

The leaked audio appeared online Thursday and reportedly comes from multiple sources: an Instagram account called “unseenyge” and an email from an account called “leakerbello,” who emailed the audio snippet to a Turkish BLACKPINK fanbase. The email apparently was sent last year but ended up in the spam folder and was not seen until now.


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In the leak, the chorus of “Build A B*tch” remains the same, but Rosé comes in with her own verses, which she allegedly wrote herself, playing wordsmith using a pun of her name. 

“Boys want 50 shades of pink, someone sweet as roses, but my thorns can really sting, I’m not sugarcoating. He says he wants to be in love, but doesn’t like emotions, if he thinks I’ll be the one, then he forgot.”

Netizens also found that Poarch and Rosé were photographed meeting in Los Angeles last year. Additionally, “Build A B*tch” co-writer Salem Ilese said she met with Rosé a while back. 

A full version of the remix leak has also been posted with Rosé singing part of the chorus. 

The song is a welcome surprise for some BLACKPINK fans who felt shorted by the recently revealed eight-song tracklist for their upcoming album, “Born Pink.” One song on the anticipated album, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” credits Rosé and member Jisoo as songwriters. There was also speculation from fans that Ryan Tedder’s work with Jennie and Rosé would make it on the album, but that is not the case. 

A couple of “Born Pink” songs have been released already: “Pink Venom” and “Ready For Love.” The K-pop quartet performed “Pink Venom” during their U.S. award show debut at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. They also won Best Metaverse Performance for “Ready For Love” and the virtual concert they held in collaboration with “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.” Thai member Lisa won Best K-pop for her solo song “LALISA.” 

Rosé’s remix with Bella Poarch may not have an official release, but Rosé may still perform it during the group’s upcoming world tour.


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