6 kinds of mooncake we eat for ‘Chinese Thanksgiving’

The world of MOONCAKES

For those who are new, Mid-Autumn Festival is basically like “Chinese Thanksgiving,” but it’s celebrated all over Asia. For most Asians, it has become THE holiday to enjoy delicious, traditional or exotic mooncakes with family and friends.

Moon Festival Culture

  • Started in 1,600 B.C. in China during the Shang Dynasty
  • Celebrates the harvest, the moon, and family unity
  • Mid-Autumn festival is also celebrated with beautiful candle-lit lanterns at night!

Traditional Lotus Seed

The traditional classic and the #1 mooncake choice in Hong Kong since the 1980s. This mooncake is typically cut into eight pieces and shared with family and friends with some Oolong or raw Pu’er tea. The lotus seed paste inside is slightly sweet and is known as a superfood for being rich in B vitamins, manganese, and phosphorus.

Lava and Custard

Similar to a lava cake, the lava mooncake is known for the rich and creamy center, the buttery egg yolk and custard taste. New flavors this year include Matcha, Vanilla Lime, Birds Nest, Peach, Cappuccino, Black Truffle, and Chocolate. 

Red Bean Paste

Cantonese-style red bean mooncakes are round and filled with a smooth, beautiful, and dark ruby-colored red bean paste, making the orange yolk in the center look more like a full moon in the night sky.

Assorted Flavors

The sweet AND savory variety makes this the perfect pick to impress family, future in-laws, and foodie friends. These modern mooncakes include flavors like fruit, tea, chocolate, and cheese, and they come in all different shapes and colors.

Mixed Nut

These mooncakes contain five types of nuts and seeds, coarsely chopped and held together with maltose syrup. Nut mooncakes usually include walnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds or almonds, and are best paired with ripe Pu’er tea or red Chinese tea to enhance the flavor and aroma. 

Creative Flavors

In the 60s, snow skin mochi mooncakes became a vegan alternative with fewer calories. The old mooncake crusts of lard and sugar were replaced by glutinous rice for a white, soft mochi crust, and the duck egg yolk filling was replaced with fruit. New creative flavors include durian, mango, jasmine, cheese, pomelo, rose cherry, caramel sea salt, and even ice cream variations. 

Find your mooncake!

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