Adrien Broner Insults Pacquiao’s Fans with R‌a‌ci‌‌st Jokes During Press Conference

In the build-up to his bout with Manny Pacquiao on Jan. 19, American professional boxer Adrien Broner dropped ra‌cia‌lly insensitive remarks directed not only at the Filipino southpaw, but at his supporters too. 

In the video clip that has been circulating Twitter, taken from one of the press conferences prior to the fight, the 29-year-old American boxer can be heard dropping racist insults.

At one point in the clip, Broner tells a supporter, “I got a cat for you for dinner,” and towards another, he says, “I got some sautéed German Shepherd for you in the back.”

The comments did not sit well with Twitter users. Replying to the clip, many simply wished for Broner to suffer a quick defeat at the hands of the Pac Man’s famous left fist:

Some users made thoughtful comments about Broner’s racism while others alleged that casual racism towards Asians is too readily tolerated:

It looks like the fans got what they wanted, as Pacquiao won via unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan. 19.


Pacquiao, 40, defeated Broner, 29, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas by unanimous decision, making it Pacquiao’s 61st win and retaining his WBA welterweight title. Unfortunately, Pacquiao was also the victim of a home burglary at his residence in Los Angeles, though it is not clear what, if anything, was taken.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / ryansongalia

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