Adorable Cat With Extra Chromosome Found Behind Chinese Restaurant Finds Forever Home

This is Maya, the tabby female cat who looks and acts a bit differently because of a chromosomal abnormality.

She was recently found behind a Chinese food restaurant with seemingly no one willing to care for her.

Due to her condition, the previous owners of the then eight-month-old cat thought no one would want her so they allegedly brought her to a kill shelter where she was put on death row.

Upon learning of the cat’s situation, rescue group The Odd Cat Sanctuary decided to rescue her to find her a home of her own.

The group, based in Salem, Massachusetts, posted her photo on their Facebook page, where a family eventually found and adopted her.

“She was born with a chromosome disorder, has vision issues and is of tiny stature,” The Odd Cat Sanctuary said.

Despite her condition, Maya is said to be perfectly healthy and is just like a typical playful cat.

According to her new humans via Bored Panda, she’s “super happy in her new home.”

Recently, Maya has taken a huge role,  becoming the unofficial ambassador for special pets everywhere who are in need of a loving home.

She is now helping spread awareness of special needs shelter animals to help more of them get adopted.

Her adorable photos are all shared on her own Instagram account, which provides a link to the Facebook page of The Odd Cat Sanctuary.


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