Abercrombie is Desperately Trying to Lure Back Teens By Changing Its Image

For any company in any industry, staying relevant is the greatest long-term challenge they can face. For a company like Abercrombie & Fitch, who has finally lost relevance amongst teen shoppers, they have a lot of work to move on from their more than less desirable image.

According to Business Insider, last year saw a 10% fall in sales- it’s now 7% in the latest quarter alone. Teens are more fickle than ever it seems. Now they are scrambling to change their image, taking measures including:

Ditching their obnoxious logo style. A&C clothes are well known for sporting that loud ABERCROMBIE logo on all their clothes. They are now cutting it back to practically nothing. Preppy aesthetic is now their new style.


Abercrombie is making their stores more well lit, more open and inviting, and they are turning down their nightclub level music.


Abercrombie & Fitch is changing their Hollister brand to faster fashion, like Zara or Forever 21, which means cheaper prices and more styles to choose from.

What’s the best change so far? They are finally cutting back on the toxic amounts of cologne they pump in and around their stores.

Do you think their new brand campaign will work?

Source: Business Insider

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