A Silicon Valley Billionaire was Chased Out of UC Berkeley by Rabid Protesters Last Night

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On Wednesday evening, super chill, soft-voiced Peter Thiel was chased out of a Berkeley lecture hall by angry protesters who really seemed to just want to shit on everyone’s night.

The openly gay venture capitalist was speaking at an event hosted by the Berkeley Forum, a student organization at UC Berkeley. Twenty minutes into his Q&A session, protesters began banging on the doors of Wheeler Hall, interrupting the event multiple times. Thiel pressed on anyway. However, more protesters came and the banging got louder as the audience grew tense and silent.

Suddenly, one student got up and yelled, “Fuck You!” at Thiel and walked out.

Thiel, being his ultra-calm, boss-like self, said, “This is really a classic Berkeley event today — this is so cool!”

Things turned “not so cool” when protesters broke through the lecture hall doors and marched to take over the stage, holding signs that read “Ferguson” and “Black Lives Matter” and shouting general social issue phrases like “NSA’s got to go!”

The crowd, displeased over such a rude interruption, yelled back, “Peter Thiel Matters!” However, like the elegant and elusive VC that he is, Peter Thiel was already a spectre in the wind and long gone from the scene.

Really now, if you are looking to protest about important social issues, ruining Peter Thiel’s night was the wrong way to do it.

An attendee took pictures of the event, but they are poorly focused and vertical (Don’t you know everyone wants the cinematic horizontal shots?!).

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Source: Business Insider Feature Image via Huffington Post

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