9 Times Taylor Swift Proved She Was a Business Genius


We live in strange times: Kim Kardashian is a successful tech entrepreneur. Taylor Swift is one of the 10 greatest leaders in the world. Justin Bieber is still famous and not starring in gay porn films

Taylor Swift, while certainly not a leader that should be ranked next to Pope Francis, has at least proven to be a highly savvy businesswoman (or at least a woman savvy enough to hire a good business team).

The “Blank Space” singer recently shored up her business credentials when she bought up upcoming porn domain names to stay ahead of her trolls, which demonstrates her quick thinking and understanding that image in business can be everything. She also ruined the paparazzi’s chances of profiting off of photos of her belly button, which shows that she’s a boss and also that the paparazzi are way creepier than anyone thought.

But numbers don’t lie. The best proof that the 25-year-old Swift is a savvy businesswoman: She earned $64 million in 2014 and has a total net worth estimated at more than $200 million.

Check out the below infographic from online marketing agency Market Domination Media to see nine reasons the pop songstress is a savvy businesswoman.


Feature Image via Youtube

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