9 Gorgeous Asian Guys in Santa Suits You’d Want Under Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is here and who better to help fill your stockings than hot Asian and Pacific Islander guys dressed up in Santa suits and hats?

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing holiday tunes since radio stations started playing them 24 hours a day, seven days a week before Thanksgiving. You’ve worked hard to wrap all those presents and send out Christmas cards to loved ones.

Now sit back, drink that gross eggnog and take a look at this list of male celebs you’d want under your Christmas tree.

1. Godfrey Gao wearing a Santa hat while visiting children in Shanghai is dad goals.

via Twitter / @GodfreyGaoSpain

2. Masahiro Tanaka, the 29-year-old baseball starting pitcher for the New York Yankees dressed up as Santa Claus.

via Instagram / masahiro_tanaka.official

3. Darren Criss as a shirtless Santa with a nice long candy cane will bring you glee.

via Entertainment Weekly

4. Kimchi is hot, but Eugene Lee Yang in a Santa outfit is hotter.

Images via BuzzFeed

5. We want South Korean actor Sung Hoon and his six-pack all wrapped up and ready to go.

via Instagram / sunghoon1983_support

6. The boys of BTS!

via Pinterest / Nancy

7. The boys of Big Bang!

via Pinterest / Violeta Gonzalez
via Twitter / @koidoru1

8. The boys of EXO!

via Twitter / @koidoru1

9. Can you smellalalala what the Sexiest Man Alive is cooking?

via Instagram / entertainmentweekly

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