8 Outstanding Co-Working Spaces in Asia You Can Work Remotely From

Have you ever felt that need of a change of scenery? You are not tired of your job, you are tired of being in the same place all the time! Here are some amazing co-working spaces in Asia that I’ve tried myself when traveling and that will help you convince your boss how awesome it would be for you to meet people in other countries for the business (but seriously though!).

1. An Unexpected Community in Bali Overlooking a rice paddy

When you think of Bali you think of unplugging, a yoga retreat, a healthy diet, surfing, feeding monkeys or watching spectacular sunsets, but did you ever think you’ll find a tech community and a co-working space in Ubud to work from? Hubud Bali is a perfect place for a change of scenery while enjoying the rawness of Bali. Almost everyone here came to Bali for different reasons, but stayed when they saw this community. Plus it’s a really nice place!

2. A space in Chiang-Mai filled with locals and expats equally

If I’m not mistaken, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, but far, far away from being any similar to Bangkok (which is awesome) but, like many other Asian countries, all the business is centralized in the capital. However, young entrepreneurs and expats have flocked to Chiang-Mai pursuing a quieter yet exciting place to do business and create companies, and PunSpace is offering the space for this community to grow. A comfy space that I got to visit when it was in the works, Pun Space is a great place to meet local entrepreneurs as well as expats. Ask for Euam or Vichaya, who also just had adorable twins!

3. A fun and young vibe in Singapore

Thanks to our friends at Flag a Hero, last year we visited *Scape HubQuarters, a co-working space that seems to be more focused on young & fun entrepreneurs. It’s brights colors, outdoors/indoors break rooms and entrepreneurs make this place an enjoyable place to search for creativity.

4. A peaceful place like heaven in Bangkok

The last word that could be used to describe Bangkok is peaceful, but in this co-working space you will find just that. One of the nicest spaces I’ve seen, Launchpad Bangkok has a great mix between open and closed spaces, break rooms, high ceilings and subtle touches of oranges and color here and there. If you come here, ask for SoMa SoM and tell her I sent you ;-)

5. A remote and inspiring place in Bandung’s valley, Indonesia

Bandung Digital Valley is not called like this to imitate Silicon Valley, but because its facilities are located in an actually valley, as they like to clarify. Bandung is the third largest city in the island of Java, in Indonesia, and has a growing tech community where locals are able to explore their business ideas without having to move to the capital, Jakarta. This space is located in the R&D center of Telekom Indonesia and they also host activities and talks. If you happen to be shopping in Bandung, don’t hesitate to spend a day working from this place.

6. A hub for a strong tech community in Singapore

This place is not only a co-working space but also the center of the conversation many times. With some of my friends working from here, The Hub Singapore is one of Singapore’s best co-working spaces where you can not only find a desk, but also get plugged in into the community and meet entrepreneurs that are moving the tech landscape of the city. Next time in Singapore check them out and ask for Grace or Scott Bales!

7. A cafe with internet and people watching in Tokyo

This is not exactly a co-working space, but for a short period of time in Tokyo, go to work from Wired Cafe 360. The food is good, the internet connection is great and it’s located right in the heart of Harajuku, so if your eyes are tired of so much typing, just look around and get a little people watching in before jumping back to work.

8. Bonus: A place I want to visit in Ho Chi Minh City

I haven’t been to this place yet, but I’ve been hearing about it and when I finally plan a trip to Vietnam I will definitely check Work Saigon. I’m curious about the tech community there, but I’m more curious about the pool they have. Have you been?

About the author: Joanna Riquett is the Founder and Editor In Chief of Hayo Magazine. Always passionate about travel, writing and enjoying life as it comes. You can reach her at or

This article originally appeared on Hayo Magazine.

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