7 Signs That You’ve Lost Passion For Your Work


The notion of making sure you’re “truly passionate” in what you’re doing is something that’s literally been said over and over again. I can’t think of a single entrepreneur that has not being given such advice. But lately, I feel that it’s gotten to the point where the meaning of “passion” has been ruined. It’s like how you should love the person you’re dating, so you say “I love you” because you believe that’s what you’re suppose to do. But do you really love that person? Are you really passionate in what you’ve committed yourself to? Here are ten signs that you might just be going through the motions.

You long for the day you can cash out.

While the idea of building something that sells for a billion dollars is sexy, you might put yourself in trouble if the “exit” is all you think about. Being an entrepreneur is about building out a career that you can focus on for a long time. If all you’re aiming for is the finish line, then you obviously aren’t enjoying the race.

You don’t get angry.

Steve Jobs was known for his outbursts when his workers didn’t produce up to par with his standards; this is exactly how passionate he was in developing jaw dropping products. However, don’t take this as permission to throw temper tantrums whenever you’re not happy. As a (potential) public figure, you need to learn how to compose yourself, but getting angry over things that don’t go your way is a good indicator of your love of what you do. If you find yourself not feeling anything, then you most likely don’t really care.

It’s not the first thing you talk about.

Picture this: You’re walking down the street and you bump to an old friend, what’s the first thing you say when he/she asks, “So what’s new?” If you say anything else aside from the work you’re doing, you’re probably not as passionate in it and should carefully consider if you’re happy where you are.

Your gut drops hints.

Nine times out of ten, your gut will tell you how you truly feel. If everytime you’re working, you have this weird feeling that you don’t belong there, it may be time to reevaluate your focus.

You can’t wait for the weekend.

The only thing truly passionate people can’t wait for is to see the fruits of their labor. If all your excitement is focused on the next music festival coming up or raging hard at the club, we not only question your passion, but also your maturity.

You have a Plan B.

There is no other option if you’re truly passionate in what you’re doing. If this is exactly what you want, you work your ass off to make it happen and you will do anything to make it work- there are no excuses.

Everyone likes you.

You can’t get to the top pleasing everyone in your path. When you’re doing things no one has done before, many will think you’re unrealistic and delusional. This is because they simply don’t see things your way. To be frank, the top of the mountain wouldn’t be so lonely if they did.

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