5 Yoga Poses You Should Do Everyday Before Work


Work can be stressful, especially the startup world with the ever changing trends, constantly-updated technology, long hours, and hectic competition.  During the hustle of the work week, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to relax, take care of your body, and combat stress.  Adding 15 minutes to your morning routine to meditate, relax, and stretch can make all the difference to your day.  These five easy yoga poses can help you find balance throughout the workday, improve mood and well-being, and help with any anxiety.  For the always on the go entrepreneurial mind, these poses will give clarity and inspiration while letting you tackle each task as they come.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This basic standing posture acts as the foundation for balance, creating space within the body, and focus that makes it essential for everyday practice.  To enter this pose stand erect with your big toes touching and heels slightly apart.  Let your arms fall to the side and fingers reaching downwards.  Create a solid foundation by spreading the toes and lifting out of the heals.  This pose is great because it improves posture, strengthens the abs and lower body, relieves stress and depression and increases energy and enthusiasm. For the sedentary work environment, this pose is perfect to maintain posture and strength in your back.

Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)

Enter this pose by bringing the majority of the weight into the big toes, rounding the spine, sucking in your stomach, and bending over the hips.   As you fold actively draw the torso out of the groin to create more space in the abs and spine.  Relax your head and neck and allow your breathe and gravity to pull your head closer to the ground and your stomach to your knees.  Every time your head is below your heart the body is getting some awesome benefits.  This pose not only calms the brain and relieves tension, but also stimulates the liver and kidneys; stretches and strengthens the hamstrings, calves, knees, and hips; and reduces fatigue.  This pose works wonders throughout the day and can help you stay calm during a stressful work day.

Cat Pose (marjaryasana)

Start in tabletop position with your knees directly below your hips and wrists, elbows, and shoulders in one line.  As you exhale, round your spine towards the ceiling without moving your shoulders or knees and release your head towards the floor.  This pose stretches the back and gives your internal organs a massage that encourages detoxing and elimination.  It is generally paired with the cow pose (bitilasana).  Cat pose encourages detoxification throughout the day regardless of your activity level.

Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

From tabletop with a neutral spine, center your head and keep your eyes looking at the floor.  As you inhale, lift your sit bones and chest towards the ceiling careful to keep your abs engaged and pulling inwards.  This pose flows with cat pose (marjaryasana) and is initiated on the exhale following the inhale into cat.  Like cat pose, cow pose stretches the torso and neck while giving detoxifying and massaging your insides.  Like cat pose, cow pose allows your body to detox and stimulates your digestion.

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

From tabletop, lift your knees and raise your hips upward while pressing your chest towards the floor.  Stretch your heels towards the floor while keeping your knees straight and your inner thighs rolling in.  Relax your head and neck and breathe here.  This pose energizes the body while relieving stress making it the perfect pose to start your day.

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