5 Ways to Wake Up Earlier


Let’s talk about waking up earlier.

As a go-getter, you know there are a LOT of benefits to getting up earlier – you get more done, other people are still stumbling into the office (hah), you get ahead… and you have your full-range of mental resources available for you to kick ass with.

Less important here is the why (you know that already). More importantly is HOW. Let me give you 5 quick tips to show you how you can wake up earlier.

1. Sleep Earlier

This seems obvious. But most of us choose to ignore it.

The earlier you sleep, the earlier you can get up. We all need between 6-8 hours of sleep every day… unless you want to pop some ADHD medication.

So time it – if you want to get up at 5am, go to sleep around 9pm. It seems early, but if you value building a world-class company (or just making lots of $$$) more than popping bottles at the club, you won’t be missing out on much.


2. Exercise in the Morning

Exercising gets all sorts of good hormones and chemicals pumping in our bodies.

When you exercise first thing in the morning, you’re conditioning your body to look for those good feelings as soon as you wake up. So pick 3 times a week and go lift some weights.

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3. Have a Compelling Reason

If you don’t have a good reason for getting out of bed early in the morning, you won’t be.

You can call this whatever you want – your passion, your goals, your mission in life… heck, even “if I don’t get into the office by 7 they’re gonna fire my ass” can work.

Make sure that you have something that excites (or scares) you, and that gets you out of bed every single morning. This can be something awesome that you’re going to build. It can be getting to those customer support emails before sh*t starts exploding. Or it can even be worrying about how you’re going to move 100 units next month to meet payroll.

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4. Sheer Will and Determination

This is really simple.

Every morning, as soon as that alarm goes off, you use you your willpower, drive and determination to kick your own ass to you get yourself up and it it.

Do you want to be a bad-ass entrepreneur who changes the world or not?

Then stop making excuses and just do it.

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5. Time

Getting up early takes time to get used to.

The first week is going to be BRUTAL. Gouging your eyes out with Japanese chopsticks is probably more fun.

The second week isn’t much better. But it’s pretty awesome when you roll into the office at 6am and get all your stuff done before 9.

By the third week it gets easier – much, much easier.

By the fourth week you’ll be completely used to it and start to see the benefits of waking up early – more willpower, more concentration and no disruptions while you’re working on the the really important things in the morning.

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