5 Ways to Travel Stress Free


Traveling can often times be overwhelming with the collective stress of packing, check-in lines, security screenings, as well as flight delays and cancellations. The key to making your traveling experience more pleasant is proper preparation and the organization of factors you can control. Here are five simple ways to be stress free when you are about to travel.

1. Plan your packing.

This is the most obvious piece of advice,  but we wouldn’t give it if there weren’t so many people that find themselves in a panicked rush to pack even hours before their flight. Throwing items into your bag frantically means you’ll likely forget things, but if you incrementally pack starting before your flight to make sure you pack thoroughly and effectively! This will make waking up and going to the airport easy, rather than a messy bag and forgotten necessities.

2. Pack lightly.

Dragging around unnecessary luggage slows you down and is really inconvenient when you are trying to find your way around a foreign location. Free up your hands and decrease stress with these must have items for traveling light. Packing lightly also keeps you from having to check in your baggage, so you don’t have to risk the airline losing your luggage!

3. Be on time.

Arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half before your flight is scheduled for domestic and two and a half for international.  If you are flying from a foreign airport, it might be wise to check up on their reputation and their security measures.  For example, Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport is particular tight and requires that you arrive three to four hours in advance.

4. Use travel apps to your advantage.

There are a plethora of apps available these days that help keep you organized during travel. Tripit updates your travel itinerary automatically based on your e-mail notifications. GateGuru keeps you updated on flight delays, gate changes, and security screen waiting times. Sunrise Calendar can direct you to your activities and alert you on the weather where you are going.

5. Arrange transportation to where you are staying ahead of time.

Avoid being clueless about how to navigate a new place and battle with cab drivers by arranging transportation before you leave your house. Whether this means researching public transportation or booking a driver, you will save a lot of time and frustration and get where you need to go efficiently.

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