5 Travel Tips from Richard Branson for the Holiday

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The holidays are finally here, but that doesn’t exactly spell vacation to entrepreneurs. Spending time with family and loved ones might mean balancing a busy work schedule while traveling, but this time can be productive in more ways than one.  A seasoned international traveler, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson offers some travel tips that every busy business man and woman should follow for a productive and relaxing holiday season.

1. Have a Plan

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If you know you will be traveling a long distance, plan exactly how you will spend your time in transit.  In his blog for Entrepreneur, Branson suggests that before you board your plane or train, set clear goals on what you want to get done or choose to switch off completely. “On many occasions I just sit back, relax and watch a good documentary while traveling”.

2. Get Some Sleep

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Sometimes giving your brain a proper rest is good for productivity, after all it’s hard to get good work done with the fatigue you get from traveling.  “If you decide you’re going to sleep on a flight, empty your inbox before boarding, then switch off the laptop and use the time to unwind.” Get to your destination rested so that you can take on your work or family.

3. Drink Plenty of Water


Some people can’t fly without a little poison to calm their nerves, whether it’s brown, clear or bubbly. According to Branson however, just drinking water is the best strategy to arrive at your destination ready to be productive again. “It might not be the most rock ‘n’ roll thing to do, but alternating alcoholic beverages with glasses of H2O will help you to reach your destination with a clearer head.”

4. Get Inspired by a Stranger


Traveling is one of those few times we get to ‘enjoy’ the company of strangers, but not the kind that snore on your shoulder or kick your seat from behind. “Conversations with strangers have sparked many ideas for me.”  If you are going to be packed like sardines in a plane, be open and talk to a stranger, you never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn, or how you will be inspired.

5. Make Jet Lag Fun


Is home for you in a different timezone? Jet lag can be annoying sometimes, especially those entrepreneurs who stick to a strict sleep schedule, but Branson suggests turning it into an adventure. “I have found that the best way to deal with jet lag is to simply live in the moment.”  Take it from a successful entrepreneur and have yourself some fun by exploring during your off time, you are on holiday after all!

Source: Virgin, Entrepreneur


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