5 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs in a Relationship


To be in a relationship with an entrepreneur is absolutely insane- for those who are married to entrepreneurs, you are saints. A relationship with an entrepreneur is nothing close to normal.  They are often one sided, always limited on time, and rarely filled with any luxury or comfort. An entrepreneur’s partner has to put up with so much inequality that it’s a wonder how they manage a relationship to begin with. For you entrepreneurs, guys and girls, who are lucky enough to land an understanding partner, here are a few tips on how you can make it easier on your significant other.

1. Manage your time.

Phone calls, meetings, networking, blogging, researching, whatever- your startup is taking up all your time and it’s a fact that your relationship is grossly unequal. Making time for your partner will take some degree of sacrifice; literally schedule time for dates or taking your partner out. TechCrunch reported that Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, requires 100 minutes of alone time and one date per week. If you can’t find time for your relationship, then ask yourself why you are even in one. The most powerful executives in the world constantly say you should set aside time for yourself every day to reflect- no business, just you. If you don’t even have time for yourself, how can you have time for someone else?


2. Give the business talk a break.

Yes we know, an entrepreneur must ‘live and breathe’ business 24/7 if they are trying to be the best in the game, but sometimes it’s flat inappropriate. When out with other people or friends, don’t interrogate them on what they do for a living and stay out of networking mode. Some entrepreneurs only talk to their ‘friends’ if they have opportunities to offer them and nothing else- this will make everyone hate you- your significant other is no different.  Your conversations should not be about your business 100% of the time.  Learn to switch from a business mode to a personal mode when you’ve scheduled time to be with your partner or friends and leave your work out of it.


3. Don’t be stingy.

To entrepreneurs, the terms ‘bootstrapping’ and ‘start-up’ are the lock and key to their wallets. When dating an entrepreneur, you normally wouldn’t expect a nice car, designer clothes, awesome birthday presents, or fancy restaurant meals. But for you entrepreneurs, a relationship requires mandatory expenses- account for them. Put aside money to take your significant other out to dinner or get small and simple gifts once in a while. If that’s not an option for you, then the only significant other you will be left with is your startup.


4. Don’t be a smart ass.

Entrepreneurs are smart people, at least most of them are, but sometimes they really come off sounding like smart asses. For every conversation topic, their minds go straight to business and you suddenly find that your chat about what to eat for dinner has become a lecture on marketing strategies of restaurants. It sounds harsh, but you simply need to know when to shut your mouth. Your partner doesn’t want to hear your random and ridiculous facts about business all the time and it drives them more crazy than they already are for going out with you.

couple yelling at each other

5. Love them back.

It’s a simple fact that if you’re an entrepreneur, you are too busy to notice certain things or people, like your significant other that you barely have time for yet still loves you unconditionally. They selflessly give you their time, support, and love, and get nearly none of that in return. Be aware that because you are an entrepreneur, your relationship is already at risk. So after you are done reading this article, realize how lucky you are to have someone with you on your crazy startup adventure, turn off your device, and show your significant other that you love them.


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