4 Ways You Can Be a Transformational Leader Like Oprah


Health Guru Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

Successfully growing a company takes a skilled leader, but the ability to motivate your entire team of employees takes a great leader. The majority of future leaders aim to learn their business skills from the best programs in institutions like the Ivy Leagues, but another set of leaders are looking to teach how to lead and inspire through their own experiences, a point of leadership wisdom that can’t quite be taught in school. This is transformational leadership, where motivating your team increases morale, enhances performance, and stimulates your company from the roots up. To get the idea, think Tony Robbins, Jack Welch’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and Deepak Chopra’s “7 Spiritual Laws of Success.” Even Oprah has jumped on board, claiming herself a transformational leader. Like them, you too can embody a style of leadership that encourages others right beside you. Here’s how you can be doing good, conscious team leadership with the four core principles of Transformational Leadership:

1. Individualized Consideration – Everyone wants to be heard in some way, shape or form. This goes beyond listening or the finding the “I” in Team, and is more about giving a voice to those you lead by internalizing their input. Test yourself by restating someone’s comment to see if you heard them right. This works best in team meetings by asking others for their input like, “Are you saying we should try this tool out?” or “I hear what you are saying.”

2. Intellectual Stimulation – Be that innovative, evolutionary leader who is always sharing new things with others. Hunt for life hacks and resources that help you move forward, better and faster in dealing with your life challenges. Learn about NLP from Youtube, enrolling in Coursera for some Ivy League lessons, or joining a writing group to improve your blogging versatility. Besides, who likes to work for a leader who’s done the same thing for the last decade over and over? Try changing up your morning routine with a podcast from Stitcher Radio.

3. Inspirational Motivation – Delve into a vision and create the infectious enthusiasm to spread it like osmosis. It’s also hard to inspire when life just happens. Sometimes everyday tasks can seem especially daunting when you’re dealing with a recent death, bad break-up, or an evil betrayal (Tim Ferriss’ intern had a great article about this recently). You don’t have to walk on coals to do this, but practice different ways to get people excited and moving forward. Shift Happens, right?

4. Idealized Influence – Be a charismatic role model of value and virtue for others, and most importantly for yourself. We like to see others rise to epic warrior-status and follow them on Twitter. You too, can be that highly revered influencer on Klout. Work hard to earn the respect/accomplishments because frankly, we secretly admire people on pedestals. Model this principle by choosing writing down your top 3 values to put in your wallet or car, and actually doing one (or all of them) each day.

Think you’ve got the four principles locked down? Take the Transformational Leadership quiz and find out for yourself to see how far you are from being an amazing leader. Have you ever attended a personal development or leadership program that sounds like the above? Invitations to share transformational stories and personal development programs are welcome below. Namaste!

Source: Huffington Post

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