4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes If You Stare at a Computer Screen All Day


When we were younger, our moms warned us that staring at the TV or playing computer games for too long would ruin our eyesight. Now that we’re older, we’re pretty much staring at our computer, phone and tablet screens from 9 to 5 (or more), and it’s definitely not as fun as it was when we were younger.

Hurt eyes, feeling tired and headaches are all typical symptoms of eye strain that begin in as little as two hours of staring at a screen. Even scarier is that you might notice your vision getting blurrier or poorer night vision.

Taking care of your eyes is pretty important. Here are four easy ways you can reduce the stress and damage your typical day’s work does to your eyes, according to experts.

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Work with bigger text to make it easier for your eyes to look at a screen far away so you don’t have to squint or put it so close to your face, which causes eye fatigue and headaches. You might feel old, but you’re really doing it to keep your eyes younger.



You’d think blinking is an automatic process, but when we stare at screens a lot, we actually forget to blink and our eyes get dried out. A dried-out eye is an irritated eye. You can also try lubricating eye drops.

Adjust the Brightness


Glares and reflections on the screen often cause headaches and eye strain when your eyes keep changing focus. Change your screen brightness so you can see your screen clearly, or try getting an anti-glare film for your screen.

The 20-20-20 Rule


For every 20 minutes of work, look away from your screen for 20 seconds at something 20 feet away — the longer and farther the better. You are basically exercising the muscles in your eyes to focus on things farther away.

h/t: Business Insider

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