4 Apps You Must Have For Business Travel

Effectively balancing travel and work is a challenge that many people choose to enjoy separately. However, if you are in a position where you are often taking business trips or your job allows you the freedom to work where you please, you will find yourself balancing work and travel simultaneously. With useful apps widely available on the internet, smartphones, and tablets, it is now easier to maintain focus and productivity on the road while still enjoying yourself. The following is a short list of apps that are important for working effectively when you travel.

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Trello is a lifechanger! Seriously, if you don’t use it already, you should immediately register. Trello is at its core a very detailed, customizable, and interactive to-do list, making it the perfect app for the busy professional juggling deadlines and multiple clients at the same time. Trello boards, which can be a project, resource, event, or simple to-do list, are created, and in each board you compose separate lists and more specific tasks under each list. In its most basic element, Trello consists of to-do, doing, and done lists. You can drag cards to appropriate lists as they are executed, comment on each card, tag people notifying them of tasks they need to complete, and label cards with colors as visual reminders.

In our company, we have separate Trello boards for each of our clients, any business proposal we are working on, and events we help plan. It is incredibly helpful in making sure that you never forget anything you have to do and has been really crucial to the organization and efficiency of our entire company.

Sunrise Calendar
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Sunrise Calendar is an amazing app which combines your schedules from different online platforms, such as Google Calendar, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and sends you a daily e-mail detailing your obligations. Easily synced with Google Maps and weather reports, Sunrise can direct you to your activities and notify you of weather conditions. The app also makes it easy to add events and meetings that unexpectedly pop up during the day, make notes, and tag relevant people while you are on the go.

While traveling, it is easy to get carried away and forget about upcoming deadlines, but Sunrise will guarantee that you will have a great time on your trip and still fulfill the responsibilities to your career.

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TripIt helps you plan out your entire trip itinerary, including flight schedules, hotels, and local directions, by updating travel information automatically based on your e-mail notifications. It is like magic!

For business meetings and events abroad, the TripIt for Teams function allows you to coordinate with coworkers, team members, and partners when you are at a conference or if everyone is at a meeting. Team calendars and shared travel itineraries keeps everyone informed. For example, if someone’s flight is delayed, everyone immediately knows because TripIt will notify all relevant team members in real time.

Google Drive

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This one may seem obvious, but interactivity is important in any organization, and maintaining communication becomes increasingly difficult when traveling. Google Drive has all the functions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, so you have the easy formatting of these programs on a sharable platform updated in real time. Keep your coworkers and teammates updated on your work at all times without having to bother with e-mailing them every time you make minor tweaks. This will save time and allow others to add their own input and changes while you enjoy your foreign adventures.

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