3 Psychotic Ways to Make Money on Instagram


When Instagram dropped, it immediately brought out the crazy obsessive photographer in all of us that was dying to show the world how interesting our lives were.  Why not though?  Instagram is one of the best mobile visual marketing tools ever created.  But while some take simple joy in turning every restaurant visit into a photo shoot, there are those of us who are straight schemin’ and trying to make money off this platform, often in tasty, shady, and scandalously seductive ways.  Here are some of the craziest ways people make money from Instagram.

1. #foodporn


With how insanely frequent and indiscriminate some of us take pictures of food, this photographic anarchy of our meals might as well be psychotic.  Diagnosis? Malignant Foodpornoma.  But for food business owners, capturing the essence of deliciousness and the aura of love around their dishes is only a matter of a good angle and a warm light filter.  Many restaurants and food truck businesses have taken to social media photography to get amazing pictures of their dishes to your phone, their food to your tummy, and your money to their registers.  In the booming food truck industry, Instagram is ideal because it  is mobile, menus are easy to find with hashtags, and food media and truck locations are easily integrated with Facebook and Twitter networks, making business a simple marketing match made in heaven.  Using Instagram to sell amazing looking food is genius, but your sloppy homemade whatever that looks like throw-up is neither amazing nor genius, so spare us please.

2. #drugtraffickers


If Walter White had an iPhone, Instagram would be colored ice blue.  After a recent investigation by the BBC, Instagram has been alerted to a black market of drugs being sold using the photo app to market images of drugs, from marijuana to prescription pain meds, under hashtags like #ecstasy, #420, and #kush.  Connects would take pics of their stashes, market the images on Instagram, and prospective buyers could message them using separate chat applications to purchase their fancy.  Instagram is currently taking measures to clean their network of these illegal entrepreneurs by flagging suspicious hashtags, so you’d really have to be crazy to try it out now.  The photo marketing was a smart idea for this business.  Using hashtags as obvious as #marijuana to sell weed on the internet?  #dontgethighonyourownsupply.

3. #adultmodels


Now, it’s not at all that models and pornstars on Instagram is psychotic.  What’s crazy is how insanely sexy a light filter makes a nearly naked body look.  Male and female models of all kinds have to be expert marketers and entrepreneurs to sell their most important assets.  Sex can sell itself, but not everyone with a bangin’ bod and a naughty pose makes it big; there is only room at the top for the very best at this game of visual stimulation. With strategy and no small degree of luck, you get fans to follow you, a taste of fame (and maybe some other fluids), some creepy stalker emails, but you are making money doing what you love all with the help of Instagram.  Adult models are probably the hardest working entrepreneurs on Instagram, but at least they will never have to fake their success for the camera.

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