20 Brutally Honest Job Titles That Will Take a Dump on Your Ego

We’re in a generation where we like to validate ourselves by having a great title at a company where we work at. Some may argue that the fancy titles we’ve created in this day and age is just simply used to add some meaning to the work we really do.

Someecards recently release a series a photos providing us the harsh realities behind the fancy titles on our business cards. To anyone who has these jobs, we apologize in advance.

AEePU9wXLqhonest_job_title_copywriter 53333811bf01c 533338167c874 533338198ba1e 53333812791c8 533338188169e 53333817bf725 9DgqiY7WlLhonest_job_title_building_security 5333381b53f33 5333381a3afd1 53333810438e8 5333381551aa6 533338145d1dc ce9tT72wInhonest_job_title_account_executive SOD0EmhOqPhonest_job_title_events_coordinator TPIsVGBwp6honest_job_title_recruiter nNX9OFIDOZhonest_job_title_summer_intern nRxh09xoCyhonest_job_title_entrepreneur walheDxkeshonest_job_title_customer_service_rep AnZVRoy46lhonest_job_title_executive_assistant

H/T: EliteDaily


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