18-Year-Old Who Started Oil Company Says What’s On Every Young Entrepreneurs Mind

When he was 18, Max Gouchan had dropped out of high school, was living in his parents house and working part-time when he co-founded ClickLift AS, an oil-related startup that innovates offshore lifting by making it safer and more efficient.

From what started as a simple meeting with friends, Max has lived every young entrepreneur’s dream of seeing their startup snowball into something huge in an industry of titans. Along with founding Clicklift AS, Max now runs his own consulting and investment company, Arctic Base Invest AS, that now has everyone asking how this kid did it.

In his talk at TEDx Bergen, the young entrepreneur extraordinaire shares how he did it, what to look out for, why it’s all about saying yes, and makes a good argument for why you might want to quit your job now.

Watch every second or just play it in the background, Max will inspire you either way.

Learn more about Max Gouchan and Clicklift AS here.

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