16 People Confess to the Ridiculous Reasons Why They Were Fired

It sucks to be out of job- it sucks even more to have been fired for a crazy or ridiculous reason. That’s when we turn to reddit or Whisper to vent about such injustices and/or laugh at some people’s funny yet unfortunate circumstances.

Some of these people may have deserved it, some of these are just too hilarious not to imagine.

He gives no sh*ts about anything.

job 15

That’s what you get for being the office food thief.


Their 90-year-old boss might be crackers.

job 6

Da da dat dat daaa, not lovin’ it.

job 11

He probably thought it was going to be a silent one.

job 16

“Are you not aware that I get all farty and bloaty with a foamy latte?”

job 2

The incognito un-employee.

job 7

He found out a customers dark secret and paid the price.

job 12

Yawning was not in the job description.

job 3

Sometimes you pay the price for vanity.

job 8

This guy just has the worst luck in world.

job 13

Those must be some expensive noodles.

job 4

It was the wrong joke at the wrong time.

job 9

Maybe you shouldn’t be sucking face when you represent a company.

job 14

That time on the toilet is going to get you.

job 5

Who doesn’t like a little penis in their caramel macchiato?

job 10Source: Mashable

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